manac ham chơi

17 December, 2006

wine+game phongthan

Filed under: manac nói nhảm — manac @ 2:14 pm

Bi. tha(`ng ba.n ru? re^ cho+i game phong tha^`n ( no’ ko co’ y’ di.nh to^’t la`nh gi` ca? …. co^’ ti`nh de^? cho mi`nh ghie^`n game 😦  ).Ti’nh mi`nh thi` luo`i , choi 1 lu’c cu~ng na?n ; ngo^`i bu`n ko bi’t ti`m ca’i gi` de^? pha’ mi`nh na?y ra y’ di ca`i gia? la^.p wine cha.y game phong tha^`n ^^.

Sau 1 ho^`i cha’n che^ mi`nh va`o dduo.c ca’i cu+?a so^? khi ba(‘t dda^`u

cha.y game ,mo.i thu+’ ok , ca^.p nha^.t tha`nh co^ng ( chay to^’t) , lo`ng

mu+`ng kha^’p kho+?i ^__^ nha^’n va`o da(ng nha^.p thi` o^i tho^i … 1

ma`u den tuoi tre? #__+…..


Ti`nh la` va^~n chu+a bi’t fix de^? cha.y .. hic hic .Cha(‘c lu’c na`o thu+?

cedega we’ ,ko bi’t do^` thuong ma.i thi` co’ ngon ko ?__?.Co’ ca’i hi`nh chu.p

de^? luu nie^.m 1 ca’i , hic !




  1. chao

    Comment by botay — 2 February, 2007 @ 12:50 pm

  2. whois ?

    Comment by manac — 8 February, 2007 @ 12:09 pm

  3. mo*’i choi dc phong than cap 29 Di Nhan can tim ban auto nao de tang ma cho con de the ma ko co ai co pm minh theo dia chi email nhe cam on nhieu!

    Comment by kenny — 16 February, 2007 @ 1:57 pm

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